Local Auto Dealership Makes Out Like A Bandit During Corona Virus

April 27, 2020


Leasing options during these economic down turns have create many downfalls for the economy on a global level but not our clients! Our clients are THRIVING not SURVIVING! 


We started our campaigns that quickly emptied out the lot of a local car dealership. In fact, they had to hire more sales people in spite of everything going on. We talked with the staff at Dealer dot com a leader in dealership website automation. They had said on the phone that our ads are performing better than most "Big Roofs." 


Here is some stats on a $15 a day budget. This can be scaled up or down for your dealership. 

 After creating ads like this that had over 400 people like it over 25+ comments and 33 shares we started to gain traction. Lets take a peak at the back end. 

 Over the last month we have gotten them over 100 leads ranging from $3.00-$7.00 per lead and they have converted 40% of those leads into sales. 


This return on ads spend and our fees is over 400% ROI! If your a dealership reading this take our free offer up and get your marketing plan today! Lets get you some deals made, get new inventory and grow your dealership to a sales machine. 




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