Marketing For a Local Real Estate Company In Derry NH

November 15, 2019



Summerview Real Estate is a company that is based out of Derry NH. While this company services all sorts of residential opportunity their main focus is on commercial real estate. They came to us with extensive goals and aspirations. Their goal was to get their clicks up on their website, get a solid maintenance person, and get more phone calls. When NESMA took this gig over they started out with 100-200 clicks per a month and little to no calls. 


New England Social Media Agency started with the low hanging fruit. We started the campaign with some on page and off page optimizations such as back linking and content writing. Then we followed the trends of what people were searching to figure out where to place them. We then reached out to our network of influencers and have them give shoutouts for the company in the US. between the organic ranking and shout outs they are now receiving upwards of 75,000 clicks per a month resulting in 25-50 deals per a week! This all took 4 months time to complete and now we are working on reputation management disavowing bad comments and getting people to leave comments that have had a good experience to help with their conversions. 



We also created job board campaigns and resulted in 25 experienced candidates for a Maintenance tech. They successfully hired one candidate to take on that position freeing the owner up and giving some time back. NESMA also put out jobs to hire licenced sales people and successfully hired two people to staff the phones in order to make deals happen quicker and more efficiently.


In conclusion NESMA was successful in creating online campaigns with social media and SEO in order to get them more deals in the pipeline at half the cost of newspaper ads and beefed up their staff to streamline the process. We are still working on this client to deliver 200% on our promise. They expected and wanted 40,000 clicks and we are working on delivering 100,000 targeted and meaningful clicks per a year while managing their online reputation.



2020 Update:

  • Created Lead Ads resulting in 4-5 FRESH leads a week at $15 per lead(People buying or listing their property)

  • Created systems for their staff to post on social media

  • Re-optimized the website to capture more leads



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