Local Marketing For A Restaurant In Manchester NH

November 15, 2019


Taj India is literally the BEST Indian food in New Hampshire! Our team has eaten at many clients and has traveled the world and this ties up next to the best there is. They have many options including a wide array of vegan options and a lunch buffet that caters to the "first timers." When we talk about trying new things, this gives them a competitive edge. 


New England Social Media Agency went to work by shooting video in their restaurant to create a local spark in the community. While they are centrally located on Elm St in Manchester NH they also had been forgotten with all the other options in Manchester's ever growing city. 


By creating a viral video it showed to over 10,000 local's in a 10 mile radius of their location and started to create a buzz! Simultaneously we had our design team create daily posts of their food and atmosphere to stimulate the followers connection to the restaurant. Then our ads team switched gears to create a static image/video post to gain the maximum reach while explaining our new MEGA Giveaway! The giveaway offered all subscribers a 10% off coupon and dinner on us to one lucky winner that signed up that month. 


Even for a niche restaurant like Indian cuisine we were able to gain over 20+ NEW customers by targeting our followers friends in one month! This may sound small but these customers also are returning month after month with our weekly email campaign. Not only did we set up a new landing page for them but set up an automated email campaign so when people signed up from the ads that they were paying for, we could market to them at no cost once they were in the email list. 


With only 20 new clients we estimate the profit to be $13,000 over the course of a year from the results of one months marketing. Now that we have the system to generate NEW customers on a monthly basis we can grow by increments of 20 people on a monthly basis adding another $13,000 per yearly revenue. We are estimating to gain 100+ New customers in a years time resulting in over $100,000 yearly revenue in 2021.


2020 Update:

  • 508 new clients in a 6 month period with online giveaways

  • Created over 1300 emails

  • Gained local 500+ Followers

  • Created $21,000+ in monthly revenue 

  • Created a 400% ROI 

*This has helped their business drastically keeping them open in harsh market conditions. Even with the spread of COVID-19



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