How Much Are You Losing To Out Of Date Websites Or Lead Providers Right Now?

The NESMA team started work on a local Indian restaurant and created what we call a "MEGA PROMOMOTION" that we have tested and tried on ALL types of restaurants.

This promotion consisted of creating a SIMPLE 2- PAGE WEBSITE, that outlined the promotions and gave the users a chance to enter for a BIG prize via email. 

By entering the give away on their new simple two-page website, the new customer would have to like, tag a friend, and share the page on their personal profile! This got things to go viral at $00.01 per view! Check it out.


Here are some quick stats from their page in direct result of our campaigns:

  • 508 new clients in a 6 month period with online giveaways

  • Created over 1300 emails

  • Gained local 500+ Followers

  • Created $21,000+ in monthly revenue 

  • Created a 400% ROI 

*This has helped their business drastically keeping them open in harsh market conditions. Even with the spread of COVID-19.


Below is some info from their page and POS System.

We have run these promotions on Steak Houses, Sushi Restaurants, Indian Reasuraunts, American-style restaurants, Pizza places, and many more. 

Wondering what the cost was? 

6 Months they spent $4,600 

The ROI? 

413.75% or $21,000 (now this is their monthly revenue) and

***the average online order was $42.60.

We know this sounds too good to be true, but it gets better...

They now have an email list of over 1100 locals that LOVE to eat that type of food. We can email them at any time now and NEVER PAY FOR ADS AGAIN. 

Want the exact strategy that we used to get them over 1100 NEW CUSTOMERS?


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