How Much Are You Losing To Out Of Date Websites Or Lead Providers Right Now?

A note from Vincent Trefethen:

I was new to the marketing space for dealerships back in 2018 when I was hired by a local Dealership to come aboard their team to help with marketing. 


I wanted to bring them leads as the more leads I got them, the more I got paid! 


So what was the problem?  


At the time I was struggling with ACTUALLY getting them leads. 


That meant that I would soon be kicked to the curb like all of the other agencies that they tried.


That made me feel terrible as it wasn't just any business owner…


It was a personal friend that had helped me on many occasions. 


Then time went on as we optimized the ads and still no leads and I felt like giving up. 


Then as if by chance something amazing happened… 


I came across this guy's ad talking about how his website was broken and how he fixed it.


That’s when everything changed. 


Immediately I started researching everything I could about Website Design and converting clicks to paying customers.


I was able to create a 2-page website that started converting the visitors to paying customers. 


So I decided to document the process and created an easy to follow a video case study of me walking people through the process that I want to share with you! 


But before you go click the link below and get the free case study I want to share with you one last problem I had experienced. 


While sharing this we noticed that business owners were too busy to actually put this to action. 


In the end, we created an already done for your website for a low low price of FREE…


We are also going to give you a free, 14-day access to the software we use to turn clicks to customers

 This is an exact replica of what we run to this day for my client that STILL ALLOWS US TO TURN 100’s OF LEADS PER MONTH TO BUYERS in our client's dealership…


When it was all said and done we were able to automate more and more processes so that the owner could spend more time working on his business instead of in it. 


And in the end, I was able to turn a revenue and flip cars no matter what market we were facing and honestly be able to help another dealership. 


PS.  If you're anything like me and skipped to the end of this to the PS section I wanted to give it to you in short. We created a simple 2-page website that converts 1000’s of people to paying leads for your dealership. We are going to give it to you for FREE and a quick 5-minute video case study to show you this thing in action. Long are the days from having to use out of date lead providers.