Book A Call With NESMA

A few things to consider when booking a call with NESMA and our staff: 

  • Please give 24HRs notice for all calls. If not we may have to reschedule.

  • Our hours of operation are M-F from 10:00 am - 5:00 pm Eastern Standard Time. If there is something urgent outside of these times/days, please call ahead with any concerns to book a meeting or to fit your schedule better. (We are currently programming out the time slots for 9:00 am and 6:00 pm.)

  • All client meetings must have a pre-determined and detailed agenda if it's outside of our normal call structure.

***If not done properly this could result in rescheduling the meeting for a later date to comply with our policies regarding calls. 

How To Schedule a Meeting:

STEP 1: Start by filling clicking the button below and filling out your information. 

STEP 2: Select an employee in our company. 

  • Amanda G. - Office Supervisor that handles all accounts for account overviews. if you are a paying client here at NESMA this whom you want to speak to! 

  • Jake L., Laundry D. & Morgan S. - Account Executives to schedule your marketing meeting with to cover your free marketing plan. 

  • Michael Beaudry - VP of Sales takes care of hiring for our east coast offices and running sales orientations. If you are on the East Coast please schedule with Michael.

  • Eric Emeneau - VP of Field Operations takes care of contracts and agreements. He also takes care of hiring for the west coast divisions. If you are looking to be hired in our West Coast offices please schedule with Eric. 

STEP 2: Select a Board Room that is open. 

STEP 3: Select a service. 

  • The Free Marketing plan is for all discovery meetings to go over our industry-leading report that we created for your business. 

  • Account overview is for all clients of NESMA.

  • Job interviews are for all people that want to join the NESMA Family!

You can call to schedule as well or ask questions at our direct line +1(888)217-4216  Ext 1